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Vostok Inc.

Show me the Money!

Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Sep 10, 2017

Fighting enemies, destroying meteors, building on planets, keeping execs happy, upgrading.. never a dull moment in Vostok Inc.

  • Review Play Time: 32.6 hours
  • Price: $16.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.52/Hour* of entertainment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Fly to a planet and purchase production buildings to increase income
  • Shoot down enemies and meteors
  • Rescue executives in space before they run out of air
  • Collect items to give to executives which gives bonus moolah
  • Go to the mothership to purchase radar, ship, and weapon upgrades
  • Fight enemy ships in special screen locked battles
  • Visit other planets and purchase new buildings as income increases
  • Fight and destroy a boss
  • Visit the next Solar system
  • Repeat collecting as much moolah as possible


  • Raising money is seriously addictive
  • Numerous buildings to buy and upgrade
  • Twin-stick controls are responsive
  • Distinctive-looking solar systems
  • Funny dialog
  • Upgradable ships, weapons, and radar
  • Boss fights in each solar system
  • Quirky 8 bit mini-games to play
All Likes


  • Executives' happy meter drains too quickly which provides bonus income
  • Buying multiple buildings on a new plant can take a while in late-game (you'll be pressing the spacebar A LOT)

The Final Word

Before I knew it, I was a quadrillionare in Vostok Inc. If only it were that easy in real life! Perhaps that is why I find this game extremely addicting and fun to play. Starting out trying to reach a million or even a billion dollars makes you want to push a little more and the next thing you know another 3 hours have passed.

You start off going planet-by-planet constructing different buildings to produce income. I found it extremely satisfying purchasing buildings and watching my income climb. The game pushed me to reach for the next planet to have enough money for my next building to unlock or to purchase weapon upgrades to defeat the bosses in each system.

The twin-stick shooting mechanics feels responsive with satisfying weapons, like laser or shotgun style projectiles. You'll be shooting down enemies while you explore the distinctive solar systems filled with asteroids and randomized executive astronauts needing rescue. The executives provide bonus cash, but the only gripe I had was they get dissatisfied too quickly, so keeping them happy with collectible items felt like a chore. It is optional, but it will double the time to increase your cash flow.

There is a lot to keep you busy here; mini-games to play, executives to keep happy, upgrades for your radar and ship, there are even races you can partake in. Vostok Inc. is an addictive and fun game to play where you either get rich or die trying.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Sep 10, 2017