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Glocks Locked 'n Loaded

Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | May 15, 2017

Seraph does a great job providing an "action hero" vibe.

  • Review Play Time: 9.1 hours
  • Price: $13.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $1.54/Hour* of entertainment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Tutorial levels
  • Shoot at enemies
  • Realize your aim is automatic
  • Focus on platforming, positioning, and acrobatic maneuvers
  • Dual wield pistols and blast demons in the face like an blockbuster action hero
  • Cast magical miracles
  • Collect materials and experience
  • Craft new miracles to cast
  • Craft new weapons
  • Upgrade passive abilities
  • Continue to fight off the demon threat
  • Smite all the demons in a glorious explosion of bloom effects!


  • Auto-aim mechanic
  • The focus on positioning and acrobatics
  • Animations
  • So much action!
  • Weapons feel great
  • It's fun to experiment with different Miracle (spells) loadouts
  • Crafting system, lots to unlock!
  • Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Passive abilities when leveling up
All Likes


  • A little too much bloom when smiting
  • Playing in Twitch mode sometimes generates a dialog box that gets in the way of seeing a quarter of your screen
  • Enemies can blend into the background on some stages

The Final Word


Seraph makes you feel like an action-hero. Whether you're dual wielding pistols and shooting two demons at once on either side of you, or blinking across platforms to better position yourself to pump shotgun shells into the chest of a boss demon, Seraph's action never ends.

Collecting shards and crafting materials are used to upgrade your character's passive abilities making you stronger, as well as to craft weapons and miracles. Both the weapons and miracles can also be upgraded, helping you scale your power to match the demons you'll face as you progress through the story.

Each time the Seraph levels up, she receives a blessing of your choice, these can range from life stealing smites to adding explosive rounds to your shots. It's another mechanic to make you feel powerful and to give you a fighting chance when the game becomes difficult.

The difficulty in Seraph is a unique feature, as it scales dynamically based on how well you are doing. It does a fairly good job keeping the game challenging, rarely making you feel overpowered and keeps the focus on improving your in-fight positioning.

For the streamers out there, Seraph supports Twitch integration, allowing your viewers to vote #GOOD or #EVIL in the chat, rewarding you with something positive like a new weapon or something negative like a spike in difficulty.


There are lots of weapons and miracles to craft and unlock. Plenty of levels, all of which are procedurally generated and populated with random items, which keeps them fresh when replaying them after you die. Various demons to battle, all with their own, sometimes devilishly-tricky attack styles. For those who like to compete, Seraph has daily and weekly challenges, rewarding the top players on the leaderboards with glorious loot.


Clean and crisp. Gun and miracle spell effects are bloomerific. Enemy design is very alien/demon-like and in some cases downright scary. UI is clear and fairly easy to navigate.


Seraph plays great with a controller (highly recommended). Easy to pull off advanced acrobatic moves due to the fact the aiming is done for you. Targeting a specific demon is possible with the flick of the right analog stick. Movement feels tight and responsive.


Each gun and miracle sounds powerful. Smiting demons is satisfying, with its charge up sound ending beautifully with a delicious smitey-boom. Demons sound menacing, dangerous, scary, and pop nicely when shot. The subtle sound of collecting loot may become a guilty pleasure yours. No complaints with the soundtrack, it fits the gameplay well.


Seraph packs a lot of value for its price. The gameplay is solid, controls responsive, a wonderful art style with some good, but sometimes overused bloom effects, and an upgrade/crafting system to satisfy collectors and loot goblins (like me!). If you want to feel like an action hero during your adventures smiting demons, then Seraph is one to somersault onto your list.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | May 15, 2017