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Runic Rampage

Dwarven Carnage

Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jun 1, 2017

After completing the story and maxing out upgrades there is not much to come back to. However, the 8-10 hours it takes to get there is a blast!

  • Review Play Time: 9 hours
  • Price: $7.79 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.87/Hour* of entertainment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Hack away at bad guys with combos
  • Upgrade your stats
  • Find the lost pieces of the Rune Stone which unlock additional acts
  • Fight a boss
  • Unlock new magic abilities
  • Continue through procedural levels
  • Find pieces of armor to unlock equippable armor sets
  • Watch a cut-scene
  • Repeat through 4 Acts of brutal carnage


  • Isometric action/adventure game with procedural Levels
  • Hack and slash with combo attacks
  • Great atmosphere and music
  • Simple and straightforward levels: no branching paths or NPC's to encounter
  • Upgrade weapons, spells, and armor
  • Low system requirements
All Likes


  • Limited enemy designs
  • Procedural roadblocks — like rocks blocking your path to continue — requires restarting game
  • Generic hack and slash with point a to b levels may turn off some players

The Final Word

Runic Rampage is old school isometric hack 'n slash goodness. A straight forward romp through 4 acts of mouse clicking combos destroying anything that comes your way. A nice story between acts and upgrades a' plenty between stages. The music fits the action and helps set a nice Dwarven atmosphere. Simplistic style; no classes, crafting, or comparing numbers. The simplicity may deter some players, but there is still challenge and strategy to keep you engaged. It's perfect for quick play sessions: jumping into a level to find more Rune Shards to progress further or getting that last piece of armor needed to complete your set. A solid 10 hours of playtime here. Enjoy brethren!

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jun 1, 2017