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Early Access

Phantom Halls

Soggy Paper-craft (Super Mini-Review)

Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jul 3, 2017

After struggling with the control scheme and overall repetitive, boring gameplay, I lost all desire to continue playing.

  • Review Play Time: 1 hours
  • Price: $7.79 (CAD)

so far... I got $7.79/Hour* of meh

*As of the date of this review (Jul 3, 2017)

Game Flow

  • Choose character
  • Choose game type/level
  • Search random cabinets for items
  • Hit/shoot enemies
  • Find other survivors
  • Die
  • Repeat


  • Charming paper-craft aesthetic
  • Evil Dead "Ash" character tie-in is rad


  • Controls are cumbersome on keyboard/mouse, feels a bit better using controller
  • Combat consists of spamming one button
  • Enemies are one-dimensional
  • Animations are rigid
  • Pacing is slow
All Dislikes

The Final Word

Early Access Alert
Opinion is subject to change during Phantom Halls's development.

Early impressions are everything and unfortunately Phantom Halls could not deliver. After initially enjoying the paper-craft aesthetics, it became clear Phantom Halls still needed a lot of work at this point in Early Access; a risk of playing games in active development.

Boring, repetitive gameplay and clunky controls are at the heart of my overall sour experience. Navigating the halls of a randomly generated mansion feels the same every time as you fight the same enemies, search the same drawers, and open the same doors. The game supports active combat but feels cheap, light, and un-impactful.

Searching for gear is heavily RNG-based, which is fine, but standing even a small chance against certain enemies will require a fire-arm, and if you don't find one early on you might as well restart. The exploding bugs were the main cause of my frustration — blowing up in your face within melee range forces you to take them out from a distance — damn near impossible without a gun.

Still, it's early days and the developers could turn this around. As of the date of this review, it's merely a phantom of its own idea.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jul 3, 2017