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Lunarium Warrior

Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Aug 7, 2017

I could not wait to see more of Terra Nihil, Moonfalls beautiful gothic atmosphere made me want to come back again and again.

  • Review Play Time: 10.9 hours
  • Price: $10.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $1.01/Hour* of fun times

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Select Difficulty
  • Choose your class
  • Take a mission from game hub
  • Fight enemies along branching paths
  • Level up and distribute stat points
  • Pick up weapons and armor from chests
  • Complete goal of mission -- reach the end of the level
  • Purchase and sell items at hub
  • Complete side quests
  • Defeat a boss
  • Defeat the final boss


  • Eye catching hand painted 2D graphics Engrossing gothic steam-punk graphical style
  • Hack n' slash combat with swords and axes
  • Each of the 3 classes are fun to play
  • Many weapons and armors to find/purchase which get stronger as you progress
  • Atmospheric orchestral music
  • Xbox controller support
  • Steam achievements and trading cards
All Likes


  • Only 2 different environments
  • Vibrant world with little story
  • Cannot customize keyboard controls
  • No mouse support in game makes navigating menus harder than needed
  • Repetitive gameplay with limited strategies to defeat enemies
All Dislikes

The Final Word

Moonfall brings a fresh take on the side-scrolling beat 'em up genre. A new era in the classic arcade game Golden Axe, but you have beautiful hand painted graphics, a Gothic industrial story, and RPG elements including 3 classes and character upgrades.

The intro has you fending off "savages" who do not agree with your expanding empire due to a new magic element called "Lunarium". Each level will have you hacking and slashing away at these savages with giant swords and axes. The combat feels shallow and repetitive as there is not much varying degree of strategy when you button mash the attack key, but the 4 available abilities like the shield charge — stunning opponents, or power strike — hitting multiple enemies, help to change things up. You get to explore branching paths through multiple levels in 2 main environments, which felt lacking considering the scope of the story and world, but the lore and Gothic steam-punk vibes will push you to see whats around the next corner.

Completing the campaign takes about 8 hours and I found the beautiful world of Terra Nihil is enticing enough to play with each class. Finding new weapons and armor with different stats helped mix up the repetitive combat and minor battle animations as enemies are stiff. The ending is open for the developers to continue this enchanting Gothic adventure.. and I sure hope they do because the detail of this world deserves to be expanded upon.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Aug 7, 2017