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Shooter's Paradise

Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jun 14, 2017

I could not wait to see what the rooms held, what guns I'd find, and what bosses I'd face. Even after many hours it still feels fresh!

  • Review Play Time: 10.8 hours
  • Price: $8.79 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.81/Hour* of amusement

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Enter the Monolith Tower
  • Explore procedurally generated rooms
  • Shoot baddies along the way
  • Upgrade your ship with new weapons
  • Destroy mini-boss to unlock floor exit
  • Purchase items from shop
  • Defeat boss to delve deeper into the Monolith
  • Die
  • Purchase new permanent item unlocks
  • Repeat through 5 bullet-hell ridden floors


  • Rogue-lite bullet-hell top-down shooter
  • New items unlock as you progress
  • 8-bit NES style graphics
  • Chip-tune soundtrack
  • No floor is ever the same
  • Boss battles are intense and fun
  • Full controller support
All Likes


  • Can't dodge through bullets unless the skill to do so is unlocked during a run
  • Some enemy bullets look like collectible scrap
  • Skilled shoot-em-up players will beat game quickly

The Final Word

I've never played such a smooth top-down arena shooter before. Your ship's movement is super tight making it a breeze to dodge, especially with a controller. If you get hit, it wont be by mistake.

Strap yourself in because the pace is fast! Rooms are not only filled with enemies, but environmental dangers too. Mini bosses block your way to item shops and ability docks. Every floor has a dock which allows you to choose from 3 abilities. Between runs more abilities can be unlocked along with new guns and bombs. You will need multiple runs to learn enemy patterns and boss strategies. Boss fights look fantastic and all have a huge array of attacks you will need to learn to defeat them.

Monolith consists of 5 levels — each getting tougher than the last — all of which contain secret rooms holding high level upgrades. There are multiple endings and many achievements to chase. With only 16MB of HDD space required, anyone can jump in to the depths of the Monolith... and few make it out alive.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jun 14, 2017