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Early Access

Minion Masters

Bajillion Battle Strategies

Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Sep 13, 2017

Simple, fast, addicting. Play for a few minutes or a few hours.

  • Review Play Time: 94.1 hours
  • Price: $5.49 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.06/Hour* of enjoyment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Select Master
  • Create deck out of unlocked minion cards
  • Start matchmaking
  • Spawn minions
  • Counter your opponent's spawned minions
  • Win by destroying opponent's master
  • Earn in-game currency
  • Purchase spins to unlock random cards to add to your collection


  • Lots of cards to collect for completionists
  • Units are varied in their attacks/movements
  • Starting cards are useful and competitive, even against an experienced player's deck
  • 2-5 minute battles
  • 1v1, 2v2, and Draft modes
  • Learning units and their counters is rewarding
  • Ranked battles and Season rewards
  • Daily quests, free currency spin tokens, and ability to craft cards help alleviate grind
  • Extremely easy to learn, hard to master
  • Active devs with weekly updates
All Likes


  • Meta decks can make the game boring at times
  • It can be hard to counter specific cards when you haven't unlocked a card you need
  • Unlocking cards relies heavily on RNG

The Final Word

Early Access Alert
Opinion is subject to change during Minion Masters's development.

Minion Masters is like a real-time, fast action, AI-controlled chess match where each unit has their role and a counter. Choose a Master with their own set of abilities, build a unit deck, and queue up for a match.

Two lanes, two bridges. Control the bridges and earn a boost to accumulated XP. XP levels your Master and thus unlocking their skills. All the while, you're deciding what units to spawn for either an offensive push or defensive strategy. These decisions are constant throughout the match with little-to-no downtime. Your units, assuming they make it to your opponents side of the map, will start attacking the enemy Master, chipping away at its health. Kill the master, win the match.

What helps separate Minion Masters from other online minion battle games are the Masters. Each player selects a Master who comes equipped with 3 unique skills (some passive, some active), with the potential to completely change the strategy and outcome of the match. It keeps each round feeling organic, refreshing, and new.

While there are many cards to collect, it's a bit of a grind to unlock them all. Luckily, Daily Quests (rewarding in game currency) and card-crafting help alleviate the grind.

Minion Masters will be F2P after Early Access, which explains some of the mobile-like micro-transactions. Having said that, the developers have created a system where, thus far, everyone is on a fair playing field. Starting cards are competitive and can hold up against some strong meta-decks. Unlocking cards is achievable without spending a cent, and locked Champions are playable during their free week.

It's easy to spend a few minutes or a few hours playing Minion Masters thanks to its accessibility and fast rounds. It's rewarding for those who stick with it — learning minion combos, counters, and champion strategies contribute to the game's replayability and competitive scene. While Minion Masters can be both fun and frustrating, those big, fist-pumping win-moments make it all worth it.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Sep 13, 2017