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Iron Crypticle

Crypticle Fantastical

Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jul 28, 2017

The random map layouts, enemy placement, random boss order, and abilities kept me engaged and each play-through different and unique.

  • Review Play Time: 12.8 hours
  • Price: $10.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.86/Hour* of fantastical diversion

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Select Difficulty
  • Dive into the Crypt(ical)
  • Shoot monsters
  • Collect fruit, coins and power-ups
  • Navigate your way through the map to the boss
  • Defeat the boss
  • Dive deeper into the crypt
  • Gain experience, level up
  • Find bonus stages
  • Purchase items at shops
  • Make your way to the end of the Crypt


  • Gauntlet style twin-stick shooter
  • Great 80's arcade graphical style and theme
  • 4 player local co-op
  • Rogue-like qualities; choose your own path, randomly generated enemies and loot drops
  • Hi-score leaderboards for each difficulty
  • High number of power-ups
  • Level up/upgrade system
  • Steam trading cards and achievements
All Likes


  • No online co-op
  • Crypt is only 6 levels deep
  • Some may find it too similar to Iron Fisticle

The Final Word

Confused Pelican's Iron Crypticle is a brand new, better realized version of their original, Iron Fisticle. New enemies, bigger maps, more game modes, and 4 player local co-op are added perks to this fantastic top-down, twin-stick, dungeon-crawling action retro game!

It's all about getting hi-scores here; you go room-by-room destroying every monster and picking up as many fruits, coins, and abilities as you can. The dodging and shooting feel intuitive in this twin-stick shooter and the power-ups actually feel powerful like the piercing arrows or scattering ninja stars. Destroying monsters is a joy and boss battles are rewarded with the likes of giant gold carrots, which boost your score! In good rogue-like fashion, each run is a new start, map layout changes, and unlocked abilities carry over, which aids in shooting for a high-score while keeping the game feeling fresh.

Once you have survived, a New Game+ mode opens up with more challenges and rewards like harder enemies and revamped bosses. An endless mode is also available which has you going round-by-round for top score. Take a shot and see if you can emerge victorious in the Iron Crypticle!

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Andrew "Architect of Apocalypse" | Twitter | Jul 28, 2017