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Delphinia Chronicle

Looting, please wait...

Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jun 19, 2017

Delphinia Chronicle is built for mobile, not PC, not even close. I couldn't stomach playing any more.

  • Review Play Time: 1 hours
  • Price: $5.49 (CAD)

so far... I got $5.49/Hour* of meh

*As of the date of this review (Jun 19, 2017)

Game Flow

  • Choose class
  • Enter hub world
  • Select dungeon or scenario
  • Hack 'n slash
  • Find loot
  • Finish quest


  • Weapons and armor change your appearance
  • Combat while straight forward, can be mind-numbingly fun
  • Simple but effective art style


  • Looks, feels, and controls like a mobile port
  • No re-bindable keys means your skills are always on keys 3-8 and potions are 1-2
  • No resolution options (fixed to a small window)
  • Delay when picking up each piece of loot making looting a slow and frustrating experience
  • Not all menu functions have shortcut keys, ESC doesn't always take you back to previous screen
  • Poorly implemented inventory system
  • Navigating UI is frustrating and counterintuitive, built for mobile not PC
  • Gameplay is fumbly
All Dislikes

The Final Word

Delphinia Chronicle looked like a neat little action RPG with glorious loot — it called to me — I picked it up and started playing.

"Why is it in a small window? Can I make this full-screen?"

I furiously searched for the options menu and it was no where to be found. I pressed ALT-ENTER, nothing. Okay, let's keep going.

I created my character then found myself in what I figured was the Town HUB.

"Hey, there's the menu button!" *click* nothing *click click* nothing happens.

Turns out you need to complete the tutorial before you can access any in-game options. *sigh*

The tutorial was surprisingly decent — teaching me how to equip and enhance loot, trying out different character skills, etc. However, I quickly learned navigating menus and inventory panels was infuriating. The tutorial failed to properly teach combat and all the keys, although I eventually figured it out — later to learn the keys could not be changed.

Tutorial finished, on to a scenario — fought some baddies, leveled up, and gained a couple skills. All the while loot is dropping everywhere, but there's an odd 2-second delay between picking up each item, making looting a slow and painful process in what is supposed to be a fast-paced Action RPG.

First impressions are everything, and Delphinia Chronicle was a major disappointment, even at its affordable price point.

Get me out of here. Uninstalled. Refunded.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jun 19, 2017