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Blazing Caves and Taking Names

Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jun 12, 2017

Caveblazers plays great in bursts.

  • Review Play Time: 5.3 hours
  • Price: $10.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $2.07/Hour* of fantastical diversion

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Select perks
  • Go cave-diving
  • Fight enemies using sword, bow, magic
  • Collect coins and gems
  • Discover and apply power-ups
  • Dive deeper into procedurally generated caves
  • Fight bosses
  • Maybe win but most likely die
  • Unlock new perks
  • Try again


  • Many items and powerups to discover
  • Passive bonuses found during a run can completely change your game
  • Controls feel responsive
  • Unlockable starting perks
  • Minimalist graphic style
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Character visual customization options via unlocked cosmetics
  • Fantastic replayability for completionists
  • Parkouring around levels feels good with the addition of wall jumping
  • The pogo-sword attack!
  • Easy to learn, get knocked to the ground mastering
  • Daily challenge runs
  • Plays great with a controller
All Likes


  • The bow's limited firing arc is a love/hate relationship
  • With no real way to dodge, melee can be risky and punishing if missed
  • High difficulty, not for the easily-frustrated
  • Feels designed for controllers, making keyboard/mouse lack-luster; your mileage may vary
All Dislikes

The Final Word

Caveblazers is fun, humorous, and frustratingly ass-kicking.

Controls are responsive and complement the procedurally generated platforming level design. Unlocking and equipping starting perks — buffs, debuffs, items — aids in tailoring a playstyle for each run. Navigating levels is wall-jumping fun and combat feels solid. However, the bow is locked to 8 cardinal directions of fire — unable to fine-tune shot arc — and felt counter-intuitive, especially when the bow controls are reminiscent of those found in twin-stick shooters. There are lots of RPG-style items, weapons, spells, and power-ups to discover, and potions with random "unknown-until-drank" buffs/debuffs to gulp. You'll need these items to stand a chance against the brutally difficult bosses, which will likely require multiple attempts to defeat.

Caveblazers trims the rogue-like fat and provides a no-nonsense, challenging, action-platforming perma-death experience, but be warned, this game is not for the easily-frustrated.

Good luck.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | Jun 12, 2017