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Blueprint Tycoon

Building Plans for Max Profit

Reviewed by: Kevin "KoynePurse" | Twitter | May 3, 2017

My playtime only scratched the surface and I look forward to many more hours.

  • Review Play Time: 8.1 hours
  • Price: $3.29 (CAD)

so far... I got $0.41/Hour* of entertainment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Start with Construction node and port
  • Build worker houses
  • Begin producing different products
  • Setup complex supply chain system
  • Feed the people
  • Edit production blueprints to maximize efficiency
  • Research better tech and workers
  • Expand to other islands to begin producing more complex goods
  • Ship goods to main island
  • Make money!


  • Signing contracts for different final products keeps it interesting
  • Blueprint builder “mode” is easy to navigate and see the outcome of improving efficiency
  • The music is especially nice and chill
  • The tutorials ease you into the game in a great way
  • Scenario editor and Sandbox mode
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Great game performance even with many supply chains in the mix
  • Tips show when losing money, factory not producing, worker needs aren't met, etc.
All Likes


  • Not all buildings clearly display their use such as “worker” or “market”
  • The building icons are too small at times and zooming in often doesn't fix the issue

The Final Word

Blueprint Tycoon has everything you could want in a management and tycoon game. The tutorials are very welcoming and help you immediately acclimate to the game's fundamentals. Once completed, the difficulty slowly ramps up in a short “campaign” mode which expands the building and research options. From there, it's all up to you and how you want to build your supply chain empire.

The graphical style really plays a part in this game. It's as if someone literally rolled out a set of blueprints on a table and said “have fun”! Watching your workforce carrying products from one building to another can become mesmerizing especially considering you can continue to add more buildings and more workers.

Players can toggle “route mode” with a hotkey showing where the product is coming from and where it is moving to. This can be daunting at first but Blueprint Tycoon makes it easy to get a grasp on this concept fairly quickly. Successfully setting up the perfect supply chain left me with a sense of accomplishment and only made me want to play more. The game also has islands you can colonize to produce different products. For example, sometimes your main island won't be fertile enough to grow wheat – time to expand! The island system adds another level of complexity because you have to ensure your main island receives the goods it needs for industrial buildings.

Overall, I love Blueprint Tycoon. It is challenging enough to keep you engaged while also not making you feel at all frustrated. If you enjoy complex supply chains, worker management and fun, Blueprint Tycoon may be for you.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: Kevin "KoynePurse" | Twitter | May 3, 2017