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Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | May 9, 2017

Grab a friend and blast enemies together.

  • Review Play Time: 5.7 hours
  • Price: $16.99 (CAD)

so far... I got $2.98/Hour* of entertainment

*Based on updated Steam total play time.

Game Flow

  • Choose one of two playable characters
  • Choose between standard and daily/weekly modes
  • Generate levels
  • Start blasting enemies
  • Enjoy fantastic platforming using jumps, dashes, wall slides...
  • Collect power-ups, weapons, and items
  • Defeat stage bosses
  • Take their powers... or don't
  • Three teleporters to randomly generated levels appear
  • Choose one
  • Die
  • Spend "nuts" on permanent item unlocks
  • Try again!


  • Online co-op support
  • Two playable characters
  • Wonderful cartoon visual style
  • Well animated
  • Fantastic retro-themed music
  • Mega Man-esque sound
  • Lots of passive items that augment playstyle
  • Power ups from defeating bosses
  • Variety of challenging but fun boss fights
  • Random level generation
  • Great platforming
  • Bosses are weak to certain other boss powers
  • Tight, responsive controls
  • 4 different sets of armor pieces altering character playstyle (helm, arms, body, legs)
  • Equipping armor shows on your character
  • Easy learning curve
  • Challenging without being overly frustrating
All Likes


  • Currency (nuts, tokens) can fall in unobtainable places
  • 4 armor sets - I would like to see more
  • RNG level design and enemy placement can put you in impossible predicaments
  • More variety in level design
  • Online co-op bug where partner can't see other players attacks
  • Slight position sync lag with online co-op partner
  • Number of enemy types felt a bit on the low side
All Dislikes

The Final Word

Early Access Alert
Opinion is subject to change during 20XX's development.

Graphics - Clean and Colourful

Crisp, vectored, cartoony graphic style. Stages and their backgrounds are noise-free. Enemies stand out making easy targets for my blaster! Animations are fairly fluid, with main characters having a suiting slight robotic rigidity to their movements.

Content - Plentiful

3 difficulty modes, including one which allows you to customize the difficulty, granting bonus rewards based on your choices. Daily and weekly challenges exist along with hardcore modes for those truly looking for a challenge.

4 sets of armor, a few different weapon types, and many passive items to discover.

2 playable characters with different play styles: ranged and melee.

Plenty of bosses to fight and steal powers from!

Controls - Super-tight

Combat and controls are tight, responsive, and work very well with a gamepad (highly recommended). Not once did I feel the controls were the cause of my mistakes or deaths in game.

Sound - Nostalgic

Combat sound effects, enemies blowing up, blasters charging, it all kept me in a state of nostalgia. The soundtrack is a retro-delight and is reminiscent of music found in games from the old Mega Man days.

Gameplay - FUNstrating

20XX balances action and platforming well, rarely giving any lull in either for too long. There's always a secret chest to find at the end of challenging parkour platforming.

Each set of armor has their own slot (head, torso, arms, feet) with stats altering your character in some way: dash in the air, chance to gain health when killing enemies, etc. Weapon modifications changed the way your main weapon behave: 3 way split, shotgun style, and so on. Passive items are available to find during the game to boost your character's overall stats.

Bosses each have various and more difficult versions of themselves depending on when you face them in the game. Defeating a boss provides you the option of taking their power, which may grant you an advantage against a future boss. Each boss has a weakness to one other boss' power and it's up to you to figure the correct combo.

Online co-op in a game like this is a treat and for the most part worked fairly well. I experienced one bug that caused me not to see my partner's attacks, not a deal breaker, but visually jarring when enemies are dying around your co-op friend, yet all you see is them jumping around. Network lag was not prevalent, however I did see some syncing issues when spectating my teammate, again nothing game breaking. On the plus side, each player receives their own loot, while the in-game currency, known as "nuts", are shared. Yes, you share your nuts with your teammate.


20XX is a great Mega Man style platformer fused with modern roguelike features. There are plenty of hours of fun here, especially if you want to find and unlock every item! Now grab a friend and charge up your blasters, it's time to pew pew.

Worth it?


Reviewed by: James "Voidfox" | Twitter | May 9, 2017